How To Change Start Screen Background in Windows 8.1

Anyone who has been using windows 8.1 would have known if the start - menu display can be changed in accordance background color options. But if you already Activated windows 8.1 , windows 8.1 if you have not Activated try clicking here . Okay , go , now for the windows 8.1 was already active can freely change the background desired . Eitz , but as free ga think you know. Because the background that can be replaced at specified Windowsnya because as I previously samapikan , which Windows attempted to adjust the color of the background . but what if we want to use our own sebgai background image in windows 8.1 start menu ? Is it possible? CAN Jawabnnya is moved at a tool called the windows 8.1 Start Screen Customizer

For how to use , install its first tool continues to run , then click on the LOAD IMAGE . Choose the photos you want to use as the start screen background . If you have click aply and SAVE .

and try to check your windows 8.1 start screen , already change right? If not try restarting your computer and repeat the steps. Okay , hopefully bermanfaar and do not forget to like it guys . Who want to download this tool , please click here

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