Hard disk drive HDD or hard drive abbreviated abbreviated HD ) is a hardware store

Learning Trick - Hard disk drive HDD or hard drive abbreviated abbreviated HD ) is a hardware store komponenperangkat secondary data and contain magnetic disk . Hard disc was first invented by IBM engineers , Reynold Johnson in 1956 . Those first hard disc consists of 50 disks measuring 2 feet ( 0.6 meters ) with a rotational speed reaches 1200 rpm ( rotation per minute ) with a storage capacity of 4.4 MB . Hard disks today there are only 0.6 cm wide with a capacity of 750 GB . Largest capacity hard discs currently reaches 3 TB with a standard size 3.5 inci.Data are stored in the hard disk will not be lost when not given voltage ( non - volatile ) . In a hard disk , usually there is more than one disc to increase data capacity that can be accommodated .

In the development of a physical hard disk is now becoming increasingly thin and small but has a data capacity is very large . Hard discs are now also not only be installed in the device ( internal ) but can also be installed outside the ( external ) using a USB or FireWire cable .

But that's not the core of my posting this . and it just intermezo alone . I this article How to add a disk partition in Windows 7 may be useful for you who want to create a new partition on your windows . whether it was made ​​to add additional operating systems such as Linux or maybe you just have the 2 existing partitions in windows for example C : Local Disk C and D : DATA . you may find it very difficult to find or store files that are special just as the data in the study should be separated with Photo , Music or whatever else her .. Her main requirement is that you have a blank hard drive capacity to share . His tutorial

Click start and enter search keywords Create Partition

Select Create and format hard disk partitions

Enter the volume capacity that you want to. in the picture from above has an explanation:

In the total size before: 515 401 MB
Size could be in for: 300 575 MB
Enter the volume capacity that will you to: It's up to you as long as it is less than the amount of capacity that could be in for.

The rest of the volume capacity that you have: 214 826

Wait a moment and when it has succeeded in the new drive will appear with a black line color.
To bring it in the system and that the format is readable by the system first.

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