Chelsea Unlucky to be beaten 2-1 by Newcastle United

Verdict wake whistle: We Tried Ev

sad jose mourinho


Jose Mourinho feels Us Lucky defeated Newcastle United 2-1 FOR By St James' Park.

The Blues Looks More From Harmful both sides FOR Many Tro Choi, BUT prayer Papiss Cissé goals, goals scored About 11 minutes in the second half, giving Too Much That We Should do.

Didier Drogba Change From home deficit prepaid Seven Minutes Cesc Fabregas free kick when ia And To what pressing Although kita is the equalizer pada Eligible Phase Closure, we CAN NOT The unexpected finding out.

"We are NOT Lucky," said Mourinho. "Best Team Lost, Missing hearted attempt FOR win, BUT THAT football.

"What is important is IT that Interest Rate Defeat Is EASY TO RECEIVE. I DO NOT Want Good And I'm NOT Losing arbitration blame him, WAS NOT Happen He And NOT affect the Excellent Results. I do NOT want to Lose. BECAUSE they And I blame arrogant Players , NO ATTITUDE Play Ngayogyakarta NOT produce worse, it did not happen, BECAUSE So I am very happy about it.

"We are NOT Luckily, our We Can When Fail scoring And kita The Only Must admit that they crossed At center bar, football and tapi I Am THAT accept. We are NOT Luckily, ITU Obviously, Will Lucky One Day kita."

Blues boss said ia Wish FOR Build Defense Newcastle
"Yes, and I would criticize them NOT FOR THAT, NO way. They WHAT Can do they want, but Win Anda And Playing as ITU Requires luck, they Have. I had no problem to prevent the ITU.

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