Prediction Manchester United vs Liverpool Premier League

Second place in the team standings at this time in contrast with last season. MU successfully won five consecutive wins in the Premier League and sit in rank-3 standings with 28 points, while Liverpool ranked 9th with 21 points.
- Of a total of 162 meetings of both teams in the Premier League, Manchester United won 63 wins, Liverpool 55 wins, and 44 ended in a draw.

- MU unbeaten from his last seven home games in the Premier League with six wins. So far the new Swansea City were able to win at Old Trafford earlier in the season.

- Liverpool won seven points from their last three Premier League games. But from the last seven away games, Liverpool won three wins and four defeats swallow.

- Liverpool scored seven goals and conceded seven goals in the first half, and scored 12 goals and conceded 12 goals in the second half.

- So far, MU has never failed to score at Old Trafford.

- Manchester United is the team with the third best score goals in the Premier League after Chelsea and Manchester City.

- Manchester United scored 10 goals each in 30 minutes of the first half and the second.

- Of a total of 17 conceded MU, 8 of them created in the last 30 minutes of the match.
Prediction Manchester United vs Liverpool, starting XI:

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