Some Tips To Clash of Clans town hall level 8

Some Tips To Clash of Clans town hall level 8
Clash of Clans is the current favorite online games at this time that can be played on Ipad, Iphone, Ipod and in HP samsung. Clash of Clans is a game of war strategy that can attack your opponent's villages to enrich your village, if you attack your opponent could have hit back with the word '' revenge ". It has millions of online gaming enthusiast memeinkan Clash of Clans with bebtuk form good defense, solid, even some very unique. At this time I will share tips for those of you who are still confused played Clash of Clans especially those who already have a town hall level 8 or other helpful tips.


I hope you've made or entered the clan, and the clan there are other members who require soldiers to attack the neighboring villages or to survive if it were attacked. The point clan is to socialize with members in your clan. If you give a soldier then you will add value xp and of course you will be in love against members lai, but sometimes there are a few clans that requires you to press your trophy to be top-level clan but if they take it very difficult to bebuat it, but I recommend you to enter the clan that owns donate (donations) that many soldiers so that you can get help soldiers and you also should give to their soldiers.

Town Hall

Town hall is a building that is troubling because he is useless and if we upgrade just to add another building, fence (wall), and the defense tools such as traps. Many players are not aware of the town hall to put out as if in put out the player will lose, but it is not okay because it will reduce the trophy only 3 to 11 only and you will get Shields for 11 hours and it can help so as not to be attacked by other players when you are not actively playing either study, go to work, sleep and even out of town. Therefore I suggest to meletakanya outside and in place for useful only as a defensive tool.


When you have a town hall level 8 you must have had a Barbarian (surely), Archer (surely), Goblin (surely), Wall Braker, Giant, Baloon, Wizard, Healer, dragon, and Pekka for trained soldiers (training) and Minion, Hog Rider, Vakyrie, and Golem are trained using dark elixir. At this time you have harur soldier level between levels 4- to 5 for the Barbarian, Archer, Giant, and Wall Braker because at this point the majority of soldiers like that, if still level 2 or 3 I suggest you to raise the level of your soldiers to be able to compete fellow opponents.

Opponents quote

Sum up your opponent will find opponents certainly think about your level, but the level of the town hall will take effect as if the town hall has a high level then lawanya town hall which has a comparable, lower, or higher. because if you upgrade the building, means of defense, and of course the town hall which will have an effect on your level and your trophy will be inversely proportional to the opponent with your level. But unfortunately you have to sum up the old and throwing money to menyarinya because your opponents have less money to be robbed (not the total money). Once you attack, careful to revenge from your opponent because it could be your opponent reply and seize money the players back and if you are attacked you can also reply if you are able to deal with the player and it can only be done only once.

Army Camp

Army camp mainstay function to put your soldiers, and has a limit, if army caps yours level 6 then its capacity is 50 and if you have 4 army camp at 6 then you can put your pledge of 200 soldiers soldier but you must clay spacenya housing because not all the soldiers you have the same housing space.


Surviving the opponent can say hard and easy to win, you have to give up your defense tool destroyed one or several and opened one place to put Spring Trap, and do not use the boom as Giant unbelievably resistant to bomb the exception of giant bomb that can both claimed half his life. Bomb just to put on the outside of course or on the sidelines to trap Barbarian, Archer, and Goblin. Air bomb, water bomb is a trap created to trap enemies in the sky like a dragon (dragon) and you do not put one on one but two-two because if you only put 1 then it will only affect a very small because if the town hall your level 8 only has 4 water bomb then you try to put in place often in through the enemy, but no exception seeking mine water, mine water is seeking air traps that can kill opponents because such damage is large enough to kill Minion, Healer, and boast dragon lives of nearly one-quarter of the dragon's life or even death. Hidebn tesla, is a cunning trap that will invite Giant to him although his primary target is not the thing, I suggest you put that giant certainly pass through the area and do not forget to put a spring trap.

Socialize (not including tips of the town hall level 8)

Socialize with polite in your clan as well as globally, because if you are going to get reported globally due to your behavior that is disrespectful or just evil acts against others. If you get your report can not communicate for 24 hours or one day and you do not worry because you are also able to report another person as long as the person is unfit to act as using Basaya which is not good.

Thank you for your concern for him, I thank you again and I apologize for my mistakes that may make you feel uncomfortable.

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