Fixing Windows without having to reinstall

Damage to the windows operating system software often makes us annoyed when playing the computer . Bayankan only when doing something on the computer , call it editing photos with photoshop , when all photo editing is almost finished , when it photoshop also crashes while you are editing photos have not been saved , certainly not annoying .

Crashnya some programs due to many things, including: registry damage , missing application support files , and so on . One solution to solve this problem is to re-install . By reinstalling computer operating system , can make our computer like new again .

Learning from the experience above , I started looking for a solution to make it still feels like a new computer installed , without having to spend time and energy to re-install .

After searching a while, I finally found a alikasi that can make a computer feel like new , without having to re-install .

Windows Repair , this application can make a computer operating system to recover exactly the same as when first installed . The way it works is to reset Windows to minimize the damage done by setting the error , either by tweaking the software and other processes .

For those of you who want to try it , can download the software here
How to use :
Software download to finish , then install
Run the application is already installed
There are 4 steps that must be taken to restore your computer's operating system , the following explanation

Step 1 Cleaning Computer from Malware , viruses , and so on.In this stage we will be given a link to download antivirus and malware cleaner . If you are sure the computer is not infected with the virus then step No. 1 is negligible .

Step 2 Repair damaged file system on the hard drive . This stage of checking the hard drive of the existence of a file system error .

Step 3 Run the System File Check ( SFC ) . The next step should also be done to repair the damage to the windows is to run the System File Checker tool .

 Step 4 Registry Backup and System Restore . The last step before doing repair windows is to create a System Restore Point and Registry Backup , in case if the windows system repair process did not go smoothly .

5.Start Computer Repair . In step 3 Repair Windows there are options that we can choose the Basic Mode , Advanced Mode and Custom Mode . Then click Start to begin 

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