How to clean viruses, malware, spyware

How your antivirus his magic ? Is your antivirus has been updated every day ? It's good we tried other alternatives to detect and clean viruses , malware or spyware on our computers , it is possible that malicious programs have infected our computer , and runs together with an antivirus program , the nature of the program which gently have lied to us as if he's antivirus harmless . The second step that I always take to clean up a computer that has been infected with the virus .

Boot your computer with safe-mode and use a portable antivirus .

By booting the computer through safe-mode , it is not active antiviral dimemory expected , because this mode mada , kode2 for starters in windows is not fully executed , Download SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner by using a clean computer from viruses , and save it into the flash us . This is an anti- malware program that runs in DOS mode but the display windows like .

To boot windows with safe mode , press F5 on boot fitting windows , press F8 or F5 if the option is not sticking . perhaps in terms of the emphasis of this keyboard can fail , try again if failed .

after windows boot in safe mode , plug the flash before we have filled with SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner program before, not as usual , when we plug in the flash earlier , there is no display of any kind, try to check in My Computer , if the flash we had been detected , and run was file SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner earlier , need to be considered , file SUPERAntiSpyware Portable Scanner that we downloaded is stored in a file that is encrypted , so it is not easy for the virus to detect these files in the future , the file always begins with the name of the SAS and ending with the extension . COM click and run the file , updatelah if we have a computer connected to the internet and do a full scan .
The 2nd step is to use Rescue CD 

In this occasion I would use the F-Secure Rescue CD, download and burn the files. Iso to a cd, then boot from the cd, if we have the computer connected to the internet it can be before it updated! Initiate virus scanning process, keep in mind, the operating system from a rescue cd is running on Linux, so an Internet connection via a wireless connection or wifi may not be detected, it would be nice if you use a regular ethernet cable connection. Another alternative to update the F-Secure Rescue CD is just now using another computer, save the file in the flash update, and the update manually, a full description of how this can be seen in the F-Secure website.

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