How To Remove Shortcut Virus On The Flash And Hard drive

Shrtcut virus is spread most successful in 2011, with the ability to update the antivirus program like Ramnit managed to outwit the system scanner antivirusVirus programs that emerged in late January 2011 it has the ability to inject a file that has the extension EXE and DLL files in the form of an application program or a file system Windows. quite clear explanation shortcut virus immediately wrote here I will share the tricks on how to clean virus shortcut without antivirus on your computer, you flasdisk. I gave the following example to clean shortcut virus in pendrive:

1.First. RUN open on your computer
2.ketik cmd then OK / Enter

3.Masuk to drive flashdisk  E drive (depending on the drive flashdisk appears) with the type E: and enter

4. Type attrib-r-s-h / s / d and enter iitu command to restore the shortcut folder virus

5. Then see your original folder back LGI stay erase your shortcut folder

Same thing why do I clean shortcut virus on computer. Hopefully Helpful do not forget follow me twitter, blogs, andthen join us fanspage computer programm yes

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