How to improve the function of the FN key on toshiba laptops, lenovo, acer, 2014 deel

Early congratulations buddy zoneshortcut
Previous mosaic as admin zoneshortcut wanted to vent first . First mosaic M840 Series Toshiba laptop purchase , l840series , turns the f1 , f2 , f3 , and so it is not like a computer or laptop as usual . On my laptop it acts as if it's on a laptop usually push fn + f1/f2/f3/dst first , but if the laptop mosaic opposite. Sometimes a little trouble anyway , especially when playing some games like Counter Strike , Point Blank , Scarlet blade , Dkk . After some time , when the mosaic - ngatik ngotak laptop BIOS TSB mosaic found the menu for reversing functions f1 , f2 , f3 as usual laptops . However, because the mosaic pingin let function is not too mainstream so not so change the mosaic .

But once again pingin mosaic playful game again proved very troublesome so now mosaic set like other laptops anymore . Well buddy zoneshortcut mungkit some mengalama same problem but do not know how troubleshotingnya . mosaic love ya know , but it cuman I test on my laptop toshiba satellite m840 Series :
Turn on or restart your laptop
When the BIOS screen appears ( shortly after the laptop is powered on ) immediately press F2 to enter the bios settings
Go to the Advance menu - > System Configuration
Then select Function Keys mode - > Standard F1 - F12 mode
It's finished , now press F10 to save and exit the edited bios .
Run OS n try to use the function F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F10 F11 F12 , definitely would function like a computer in general it

Try new methods above in my laptop , maybe in another toshiba laptop the same way , for the brand HP users can try the method tested on HP 430 by the )
Turn on or restart the laptop .
After pressing the power button , when booting press the " Esc " on the keyboard quickly .
Then will ditampilakan choice .
startup Menu
F1 System Information
F2 System Diagnostics
F9 Boot Device Options
F10 BIOS Setup
F11 System Recovery
Enter - Continue Startup

Then press F10 for BIOS settings .
Then it will ditampilakn like this option and select System Configuration > Action Keys Mode .
| Main | Security | Diagnostics | System Configuration | Exit |
Language <English>
Virtualization Technology <Disable>
Fan Always On <Enabled>
Action Keys Mode <Enable>
< Boot optins
Change the " Action Keys Mode " from " Enable " to " Disable " .
Save Change and Exit ( F10 ) .
For other laptops such as sony vaio , asus , fujitsu , acer , Apple , Dell , Lenovo , Gateway , Samsung , etc. may do almost similar yes , that is important find the BIOS setup menu / configuration then in oprek2 wrote .

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