how to secure a personal folder

Everyone must have a secret personal thing that many people do not want to know. The shape of things secret any variety, no that is not visible (fact) and that can be seen by many people (files). Confidential files are usually stored neatly in a secret folder on the computer. To trick people into not opening confidential files are usually people often store folders within folders within other folders.

Yes, it's an old trick, I became first ever practice it, to simply hide images that are not known ex lover who is being served in the liver at the time: ". Along the development of technology, people began to leave in this way, and began to emerge in new ways to secure personal files in a way that is clearly much easier.

I want to share ways to protect the personal folder of the target people who do not want. Please be listened to.

How to secure a personal folder on the computer:
To be able to perform this trick, you must be installed in the computer application winrar, if not donwload first. File available at this link:
Start Execution

1.Go to the file storage directory that is easy to remember, but less likely to go to someone else, for example: D: \ Image \ Local Road Fund Budget \ Pictures Ex

2.Foder red is that we will secure the folder, right click on the folder, select Add to Archive.

3.Will appear like this, At select a Zip Archive Format, and then click the Advanced tab, select Set Password. Click OK.

4.So far the folder you are quite safe because only you know the password, but if you want even more security, you can hide the Zip file folders. How:
Right click on the Zip file above (ex Mantan.Zip Photos) select Properties.
  In silahakan checklist Hidden Attributes option. Click Apply.

Currently your personal files is very very safe. To bring back files that have been hidden, please set in the file folder appearance. Select Show hidden files, folders, and drives
How? easy is not it? but I suggest, if you have a partner that you really love, you should not get no lies between you, because it can damage health. Haha!
Keep trying, enjoy :)

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