Detroit Lions Rumors

James Ihedigbo
did something no Detroit Lions defender had done in four years during the team's 34-17 win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers--  he intercepted a pass in three consecutive games.
But the big-time turnover, which came in the end zone in the closing minutes of Sunday's first half, was quickly negated by a poor decision by the veteran safety. Instead of dropping to the ground and accepting the touchback, Ihedigbo looked to make a bigger splash on the splash play. But just as he exited the end zone, Tampa Bay tight end Luke Stocker punched the ball free and the fumble was recovered by the Bucs.

Four plays later
Tampa Bay scored a touchdown, cutting their deficit to seven points at the half.
"I should have taken a knee, but I was trying to make a play for the team and give us some field position for our offense," Ihedigbo said after the game.

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